This morning I noticed (via The Digital Reader) that Amazon was going to be hosting a question-and-answer session on the Kindle User Forum today and tomorrow, to allow customers to “provide valuable insight into how we can make our interactions with Kindle customers more meaningful.” The thread is active and has been going for a while, and it turns out that the question-and-answer session is strictly one-way—and the questions are generally geared toward marketing fluff.

So far, the Amazon Kindle representative, Kate C., has been interested in how and why people like to use the Kindle, what they like about Kindle books, how many books are in customers’ libraries, and where people find new books. Kate deflected any questions sent in Amazon’s direction, including asking about potential new features such as all-bold text and better text-to-speech capabilities, with a terse redirection to email.

We appreciate your interest in new Kindle features. For specific feature requests, please reach out at As a reminder, the goal of our discussion today is to learn how to make your experience more meaningful.

Some participants suggested that these softball questions might have been simply warm-up material and that they might get to some deeper discussion later on, but I’m not so sure. This seems like more marketing fluff and fishing for user testimonial quotes than any meaningful two-way discussion. But then, it’s not as if we should really have expected anything different from Amazon, who has a track record of being uncommunicative with the general public.