Update, August 24: Microsoft has issued a fix, ahead of when I expected it.

If you plug your Kobo reader into your newly updated Win 10 machine, don’t be surprised if Windows won’t communicate with the reader.

Like the couple in the photo, Kobo and Win 10 are lost in their own worlds for the moment (or at least someone’s paying a tad too much attention to primping).

The hope is for a September fix to get them talking again.

Dana Hartsock, a TeleRead commenter, called this to my attention—thanks, Dana! Sure enough, I can’t get my Windows Anniversary Update to satisfactorily acknowledge the existence of either my Kobo Aura H2O or my Aura One. Didn’t work for file transfers. Or for the Kobo Desktop App.

Meanwhile Dana reported: “After update computer cannot recognize the Kobo and only offers to format the Koba memory storage. Thus I cannot move my Overdrive library book to my reader.”

Kobo Support responded: “We are actually facing an issue between Kobo and the windows 10 update. We are actively working on it to solve the problem as soon as possible.”

So what’s ASAP? Here’s an answer given earlier to a MobileRead reader with a related problem: “We have learned that Microsoft is preparing a build to resolve this issue. In Early September you will be able to receive a version of KDA and the device firmware that can be installed to work around this issue.

“Around mid to late September,” the answer went on, “Kobo will release an over-the air-update to devices.

“In the meantime, please use WiFi to sync to your devices.

“The KDA can still be used to make purchases but the syncing will need to take place over WIFI.”

I plugged my Kindle Oasis ereader into my PC, and Win 10 recognized the Oasis without any problem. Perhaps I’m dreaming, but it would be nice if Microsoft made certain  hassles  won’t happen in the future with Kobo. Amazon already dominates ebookdom. I hate it when buyers of interesting alternatives like the Kobo readers get penalized.

Update: Also consider using the Caliber server to pipe in books via the Kobo’s Web browser. Worked  fine for me with a bunch of nonDRMed books.

Image credit: Here. Yep, that’s Ernie Kovacs with Edie Adams, his TV partner and wife. The marriage lasted eight years until his death.