My Kobo ereaders and the Windows 10 Anniversary Update are at last on speaking terms.

After my Win 10 desktop updated last night, I fired up Adobe Digital Editions, and sure enough I could send files to my Kobo Aura One ereader, the new 7.8 incher. Same for my Aura H2O.

What’s more, as I’d expect now, File Explorer can recognize files on the Kobo.

Along the way, I did notice two issues:

  1. I can’t use the Kobo Desktop App to authorize Adobe DRM on the Aura One. Just a matter of an update at Kobo’s end? Or does this have to do with the fact I was sent a review unit (yes, I intend to buy it)? I’ll check.
  2. Calibre won’t recognize the Aura One as a device. I suspect that’s simply a driver issue, and that a solution from the Calibre end will be on the way. Calibre works fine with my H2O, and via a Kobo plugin, I can convert ePub files to the KePub format and adjust line spacing and enjoy other fun stuff that I can’t always do with the  usual ePub. It’s a book by book thing.
  3. Remember, you can always use the Calibre wireless server to get books to Kobo devices, whether or not Microsoft sends additional update bugs our way.

I haven’t messed with other Kobo readers in regard to the fix, but if you have had Win 10 issues with those other devices, as I’d suspect, the problem should be gone.

Let me know if you have anything to add to the above.

Image credit: Here.