The best protection I’ve found for my Kindle Paperwhite is the Redpepper Kindle Paperwhite Case Cover Waterproof Dirtproof Snowproof Shockproof Box Hard Tablet Shell case.

And, yes, you can also buy shock-proof, waterproof  third-party cases for the Kindle Oasis. Do any hold the case-battery combo that the Oasis comes with? I’m not sure. Third-party cases can’t include the factory-provided extra battery, built into Amazon’s case. You’ll sacrifice battery life.

Now what about the new Kobo Aura One (review here)—I fear for its beautiful 7.8 inch E Ink screen. I don’t want a sleeve or sleep cover. I want a real case, ideally shock proof (the One itself is already water proof). Anything out there yet? Meanwhile, for $9, I’ve bought the RBEIK Kobo Aura ONE Screen Protector Glass, not as good as a whole case but better than nothing.

So what are your own thoughts on protection for the Aura One and other ereaders—either what exists now or what should exist?