For years, TeleRead complained of the lack of an all-text boldface option in Kindles and Amazon e-reading apps.

Amazon finally listened to us and others. It added bold to E Ink Kindles. If I’m not mistaken, bold is also in available in the latest Kindle for PC app (mine is out of date).

Now, “based on feedback from customers,” Amazon has finally gotten around to adding Ember Bold for the iOS incarnation. Looks great on my iPad, and, yes, it’s also available for iPhone owners.

Download the latest incarnation from Apple’s App Store.

Still on my wishlist:

–Other fonts in all-text bold. Kobos allows bold in different fonts and even let you adjust the font weight with a slider.

–Boldface on the Kindle app for my Android phone. I assume that’s on the way.

–Also a boldface option on Fires, if it isn’t there—I’ll update this post if it is.

All-text bold is helpful since even LCD screens, not just E Ink ones, may not offer enough contrast for older people.

What’s more, with all-text bold, you can crank down the brightness, stretch battery life, and reduce eye strain. That trick will help people with all levels of vision.

Oh, and don’t let the large text scare you. You can reduce it.

Nice going, Jeff Bezos! And thanks also to Jamie LaRue of the American Library Association, who has been among our allies in our “bold” crusade. Props to others, too, including Nate Hoffelder of The Digital Reader, Len Edgerly of the Kindle Chronicles, and Barry Marks of the Kindle Korner list.

(Big thanks to Michael Perry for the tip.)