WorldCon isn’t the only convention we’ll be covering this month. This week marks the 50th anniversary event of Gen Con, which has grown into one of the biggest gaming conventions and one of the biggest writing conventions in the United States. As usual, I will be attending, and seeing what there is to be seen.

oneclickIn observation of the convention, I’ve once again put my tourist guide, The Geek’s Guide to Indianapolis, on a free promotion which will run through Tuesday. Until that time, you can go to Amazon and add it to your library for free. After Tuesday, it will be back to its normal $5.99 list price.

Be sure to claim the book by clicking the “Buy now with 1-Click” button, not the “Read for Free” button which will try to get you to sign up for Kindle Unlimited. But that’s Amazon for you: you have to “buy” the free ebook, whereas trying to read it for free will ask you for money.

When I first gave the book away for free in June, I had 113 takers. But since I started this new giveaway yesterday, I’ve already given away 223 free copies—nearly twice as many, and the promotion still has several days to run. I’ve gotten a few new reviews, too, which are nice.

In any case, I encourage anyone who hasn’t gotten it yet to go forth and click “Buy now” to add it to your library. Once you have it, it’s yours to keep. And remember, there’s no DRM, so you can convert it to any format you like. And don’t forget to tell your friends as well.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the book. Maybe I’ll see you in Indianapolis someday!

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