One of the most heavily contested items in each Worldcon is the site selection for the venue for the upcoming Worldcons. With San Jose already selected for Worldcon 76, the trade and exhibition hall at Worldcon 75 had glorious stands from New Zealand, France, and other potential venues, all jockeying to take the Worldcon 77 crown. And the 2019 selection goes to: Dublin.

According to the official Worldcon announcement, “today the winner of the site selection bid for 2019 was announced at the WSFS business meeting. Worldcon 77 will be held in Dublin, and is the first World Science Fiction Convention to be held in Ireland. Their guests of honor are academic Jocelyn Bell Burnell, editor Ginjer Buchanan, fans Mary and Bill Burns, author Diane Duane, game designer Steve Jackson, and author Ian MacDonald.”

The final roster of guests and star authors at Worldcon Dublin will certainly be far broader. And it’s hard to imagine a better choice of venue than the city of Joyce and Yeats. Beimid ag ól!