Ran across an interesting piece on Wired titled “9 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your Amazon Kindle.” I was pretty skeptical that I didn’t know about them, and when I checked it out I did indeed find I was aware of most of them. Sending documents to your Kindle via email, checking out library books, taking a screenshot, even having Instapaper send article links…all these things I knew about. And I would be surprised if most Kindle users didn’t know about them too.

But there were one or two things I hadn’t been aware of.

In particular, I hadn’t realized just how many games were available to play on the e-ink Kindle. There’s a whole category of them: solitaire, Scrabble, chess, even my old favorite Settlers of Catan. I’m not so sure I’d be willing to pay $5 for a black-and-white e-ink version of Settlers that only supported pass-and-play or vs-computer multi-player, when I have the Android version for use on my Fire tablets (and on Windows for that matter), but it’s interesting that it’s there. Some of those games are free; I might have to install them and try them out.

There was also an intriguing-looking app called Bookdrop that promised to let people sync a folder from their Dropbox directory onto their Kindle, but when I went to take a look I got the message that the app was unable to accept new users pending review. And apparently it’s been pending for several months now. Oh well; emailing the books in is still easy enough.

In any case, it’s interesting just how many things there are to do with the unassuming e-ink Kindle—even if it does tend to remove one of the Kindle’s putative advantages. The Kindle is supposed to be a better way to read a book because you can’t get distracted by non-book things, like games.

Uh, oops?