Digital Book World is carrying a press release from library e-book provider OverDrive announcing a number of exciting new changes it has in the offing to help libraries reach more readers.

Foremost among those changes include a completely redeveloped OverDrive app incorporating “OverDrive Read® technology,” and new merchandising tools to help libraries connect with patrons. OverDrive also says that more and more libraries are using its “Digital Book Clubs” feature, and publishers are taking advantage of this by offering special rates for Digital Book Club books.

OverDrive also mentions the circulation and demand analysis it provides at no cost to library partners, the dozens of new suppliers and collection development tools it has added, and its new Digital Bookmobile that will be touring North American to help promote local libraries’ OverDrive services.

It’s good that OverDrive is constantly improving and finding better ways to offer a good value to its library partners. All the same, one thing it doesn’t mention is the issue of publisher e-book pricing to libraries. We’ve covered a movement by Canadian libraries to agitate for more reasonable pricing terms on library e-books, and the agitation seems to be bearing some fruit—and if publishers are able to offer better terms, OverDrive would be one of the beneficiaries of that as libraries opt to make more purchases. But it still remains to be seen how that matter will turn out.