Color me astonished that ReadWrite manages to spend an entire article discussing ways to use the extra commute time self-driving cars will give you without once mentioning reading. This, from a site whose name is ReadWrite.

The article does spend a lot of time talking about just how much time the average commute takes—25.4 minutes each way. Altogether, that’s almost an hour a day—about a sixteenth of the time the average person spends awake. It could be put to more productive uses.

So why not put it to use for reading? Already, a number of people read e-books or newspapers on their phones or tablets on the way to work on the subway. A self-driving car would be an even better venue for that, because you know you won’t be disturbed by the person next to you asking you what you’re reading. A self-driving car and an e-book app on your phone would seem like a match made in heaven—indeed, some self-driving cars will even have big media-display monitors on the dashboard that you could use for reading e-books in extra-large print. (And we’ve already mentioned a self-driving car concept model with a built-in shelf for physical books.)

It remains to be seen, of course, how soon we’ll even have self-driving cars. But when we do, I have little doubt they will bring along plenty of extra time for catching up on reading.