I’ve read a ton of stories on how evil Amazon is a threat—to bookstores, to libraries, to bricks-and-mortar retail of every stripe. But just to prove that, like everything else in life, perspective matters, here is a fun story  in the Toronto Star about one business that loves Amazon: Canada Post.

It seems that email has killed the letter-writing star, and this venerable government institution has staked their survival on parcel delivery. Their biggest business threat? Competition from people engaging in ‘retail shopping.’ The article cites the triple threat of cheaper courier-based options, drone delivery and—yes, in-store pickup—as potential disrupters of the order-online gravy train.

It’s funny how a little perspective change can transform an issue. A retail store may lament an online powerhouse that takes away potential customers. But here is one business that sees the bricks-and-mortar stores as a threat and prefers for people to order online!

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