When Amazon offered its Prime service, I didn’t have a huge reason to jump on board. I didn’t order enough items to make it worth it, especially since most of my reading is done through ebooks.

Enter a newborn baby, and Amazon is now my best friend and Amazon Prime is a must-get. It was mostly to pick up baby items I never knew I needed, but there are added benefits for readers who have Prime.

First, you get a free ebook every month from Kindle Firsts. You get to choose from about six books that are essentially sold a month early — not exactly a pre-order since you get to read the book. I’ve snagged two so far since I joined in early August.

The second benefit for readers arrived recently. Amazon Prime members have been offered Audible Channels for free (which is a $60 value for the year). The Audible Channels contain original audio series, playlists, and audiobooks. The rotation of audio books will change, but some of the current audiobooks available include Silver Linings Playbook, Slumdog Millionaire, Catch Me if You Can and The Good Girl by Mary Kubica.

While taking care of a newborn, I certainly haven’t had as much time to sit down and read as much I would like. There is always something to do (those diapers aren’t going to change themselves), so I look forward to exploring Audible Channels to see what it has to offer.

Has anyone tried the Audible Channels so far? What do you think about it?