Remember that Samsung refrigerator with the big LCD display on the front? I wondered if it might be possible to use it for e-reading. As security guru John McAfee finds, the answer seems to be “yes.”

In a post to his Twitter account, McAfee shares an image of such a refrigerator at his local Home Depot with the web site Pornhub occupying the display screen.

Of course, this actually has very little to do with “cybersecurity” and more to do with some bored teenager discovering that the refrigerator’s display incorporates a web browser, and pointing it to the most obnoxious site he can immediately think of. It’s no more a matter of “cybersecurity” than, say, someone coming over to your house, noticing you left your computer unattended, and surfing to Pornhub on it.

That said, this is nonetheless proof positive that the refrigerator could indeed be used for e-reading. As there are a number of sites available that will let you read ebooks via web browsers–Project Gutenberg, Amazon’s Kindle web reader, or Google Play Books, for example–it seems pretty clear you could use the fridge as a large, upright ebook reader. Of course, it seems highly unlikely anyone would come into the kitchen so they could stand in front of the fridge and read an ebook at length, but from the point of view of someone looking for something to do while they wait for their frozen dinner to nuke, or wanting to pull up a recipe for easy consultation while they cook, such a screen might be ideal.

(Found via BoingBoing.)