No crystal ball here. But if you’re craving an e-book reader or another high-tech gizmo made in Shenzhen or elsewhere in China, you might want to hit the “Buy” button very soon.

Donald Trump isn’t even in office yet. But already some import prices are increasing in anticipation of the tariffs he may impose. And I’d be surprised if high-tech goods weren’t among those affected now or later. From Elazar Advisors, LLC, via Seeking Alpha:

Import prices jumped to a 6% annual rate for the month.

The new Trump administration’s tough stance on trade will only make this number stronger.

Caveat: A lot of Trump’s trade-related rhetoric, such as talk of 45 percent tariffs, could be just a negotiating tactic with the Chinese to reduce dumping. Nothing certain. But if you’ve been sitting on the fence, this could be a good time to act, especially with Black Friday coming up later in November. Here’s info on a B.F. ad from H.R. Gregg. Plus, Best Buy info and Walmart info. Got any B.F. links of your own to share? (No vendors, please.)

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