Amazon is running a pretty impressive sale on some of its best-selling tablets, as well as its Echo speaker products.

For starters, the 8 GB entry-level Fire 7 has been knocked down by $10, bringing its With Special Offers version in at $39.99. The 16 GB version is now $59.99 and removing the Special Offers adds another $15 to either price.

Meanwhile, the bigger, higher-resolution Fire HD 8 has fallen by $20, putting its 16 GB basic version on the same price level as the 16 GB Fire 7: $59.99 when purchased With Special Offers. The 32 GB Fire HD 8 With Special Offers is $89.99. Again, removing the Special Offers raises the price by $15.

Amazon also offers a five-month purchasing option with no interest: you can buy the $39.99 Fire 7 for five monthly payments of $8 each, which puts them in range of even the lowest budget.

Meanwhile, Amazon has knocked $80 off its Echo, bringing it to $99.99; the Tap has been slashed by $30 to $99; the Dot is $5 off at $44.99. It’s not clear how long this sale is going to last.

The Fire isn’t a bad tablet for that price, especially given how easy it is to put the Play Store on it so you aren’t limited only to Amazon’s anemic app selection. You might just want to pick one up to try it out.

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