I know. It’s confusing. Amazon’s forums on a various topics have closed. But no ifs or buts, you can go to Amazon’s Digital and Device Forum for Kindle help and other rescues. Here’s a mini guide to the main threads:

Let’s hope that the old threads from discontinued forums will remain online. Meanwhile, I find the organization of the Digital and Device Forum to be logical, with some exceptions. For example, it would be useful to have an “Android, iOS and Windows Kindle apps” section with subsections. “Kindle Books” covers too much territory, and those topics should not be buried there. The Digital and Device Forum might also make life easier for publishers through threads or pointers to help elsewhere. Stop lumping so much together.

In a welcome message, an Amazon staffer going by the name of Samu says: “We hope you enjoy our new expanded forums! To provide you with a richer experience, our team of forum moderators have collected some of the top questions and answers our customers have posted, and we’ve created posts in each area to help you. Please review them and post any other questions you might have. We invite you to explore the new forums and get to know your community.”

So far, Amazon appears not to be monetizing the expanded forum area, and if this lack of commercial clutter continues, I’ll be happy even though I’m still worried about the disruption from the “retirement” of older discussion areas. Functional forums will add to the value of Amazon products.

Finally, a reminder: For book discussions and reviews, you can go to Amazon’s Goodreads.

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