Amazon seems partial to sales that lend themselves to good puns. When it marks its popular tablets down, it has a “Fire sale.” And today it’s holding a one-day flash sale on…flash memory. SanDisk flash memory, to be precise. The sale page says discounts are upo to 25% off Amazon’s normal prices, but some of the item prices show as 30% or 50% off. Either way, it’s a good deal.

If you’re looking for a good cheap SD card to fit your new Fire tablet, or would be interested in good prices on USB thumb drives, external SSDs, or other such products, it might be worth stopping by to check out what’s available.

It amazes me that you can get a 128 GB thumb drive so small you could lose track of it for just $28. That’s many times bigger than the hard drives on the computers that I grew up with. And the prices on SD cards are just as good—there’s a 128 GB micro-SD card for $37 that begs for a home in a new Fire tablet. I might have to look into buying some of these when I get home from work today.