Here’s the kind of deal that only comes along once in a very great while. Do you like your Kindle Paperwhite but think 4 GB of onboard storage just isn’t enough? Woot has the refurbished “Paperwhite Manga Model” available for $89.99. Available in both black and white, this 6″ Paperwhite contains a whopping 32 GB of storage. It’s normally sold only in Japan, where the extra storage size comes in handy for reading the digital manga tankōbon issues sold via Amazon.

Of course, if you’re an American and mainly read the smaller print books, you may not be so concerned about having that much space. (If the Paperwhite were audiobook-compatible, all that extra space would come in handy, but alas, it’s not.) But if you read a lot of comic books or other image-intensive works, and don’t mind viewing them in e-ink grayscale—or you just have a really large library—then a 32 GB version for about the same price as a normal 4 GB refurb from Amazon would certainly be worth a look.

The refurbished Paperwhites come with a 90-day Woot limited warranty. The sale runs for a couple more weeks, or until supplies run out.