Well, all right, it’s just a penny under $100, but still, that’s under $100. Amazon’s temporarily slashed $30 off the normally $129.99 newest model of Paperwhite, making it a great deal for e-ink fans who want to get their hands on the latest new thing. They do this every so often; last time was just prior to Valentine’s Day.

Apart from being waterproof, the new Paperwhite includes 8 GB of internal storage standard, the usual Wi-Fi connectivity, and Bluetooth audio so you can listen to Audible audiobooks via earphones. You can expand the storage to 32 GB for $20 more, and add cellular connectivity for $70 on top of the $20 expansion (it’s only available on the 32 GB model). And, of course, it comes with the lockscreen Special Offers, unless you throw in another $20 on top of that.

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