Amazon is running another of its frequent Fire sales. The basic model Fire 7 starts at $35 ($15 off its usual price), the Fire HD 8 is $50 ($30 off), and the HD 10 is $100 ($50 off). Removing the lockscreen special offers is an additional $15, and extra memory is available for a little extra as well. These sale prices are only valid for (and visible to) members of Amazon Prime.

These really are some of the best tablets you can get for that amount of money, especially after you add the Play Store and swap in another launcher so they act more like traditional Android tablets. The Fire 7 might be a little small and cramped, but it’s also remarkably inexpensive. The HD 8 was my main tablet for a while and felt like just the right size. Meanwhile, I’ve been finding out over the last week or so that the Fire HD 10 is a terrific way to read digital manga or comic books, such as all the graphic novels you can check out for free from Hoopla Digital if you have a participating library card—not to mention still excellent for reading ebooks, watching movies, and so on.

If you need a good tablet, you might want to grab one now before the sale ends. If you buy using the links in this article, I’ll get a small affiliate fee out of it, at no extra cost to you.