As Indigo—the bookstore that founded Amazon’s rival Kobo brand—looks to compete in a rapidly evolving and more digital world, it is fighting technological progress with…inspiration?

The Toronto Star took a look inside the book chain’s newest ‘concept’ store and found it full of inspiration. It has been set up like an art gallery, with thematic displays. The book covers, chosen for their neutral palette, face out and provide a contrast to a blue piano. Mason jars, which the customers can purchase, form the basis for an elaborate chandelier. And a digital screen displays inspirational images while customers browse.

It is not the bookstore of our childhoods, that’s for sure! But will it work? In the right location, maybe. I still go to stores like this to actually buy things. Yesterday, I needed a present for a small child and I went to an Indigo aiming to actually purchase. But maybe in a mall with a movie theatre, where people are just killing time until the show starts, something like this might see more browsers. Whether they will actually purchase anything from displays like this be seen.