If you’re wondering whether you’ve got any e-book settlement funds coming from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, here’s how you can find out. Amazon has a link that will give you the exact amount you’re owed and how much of it you haven’t spent yet; simply click it and there you are.

Barnes & Noble has a settlement page that’s supposed to let you browse a Settlement ID lookup, but that part isn’t working for me (gee, something on a Barnes & Noble web site not working; there’s a surprise). However, there’s also a space to enter your email address and customer name, and B&N promises it will get back to you by email about how much you’re owed. I went ahead and put mine in, and will wait and see what I find out.

I haven’t been able to find any lookup pages yet for Kobo or Apple; if you run across one, please let me know in the comments. If you bought e-books from the defunct Sony Reader store, you’re probably out of luck for looking up settlement award eligibility or amount; it’s supposed to send out checks to those eligible for them.

My Amazon settlement page says I’m owed $1.57, even though as far as I can tell I should be getting twice that. I emailed Amazon support about it and got back a form letter, and contacted an Amazon rep via text chat who said I should get another credit for that amount but I’m not convinced they actually knew what they were talking about. I might try escalating it to a phone chat person, even though I hate using phone tech support and I’m not sure my curiosity and $1.57 is worth that much trouble.