Here’s another bit of new Kindle news. We already mentioned the new entry-level Kindle that will be available in white. Well, it turns out now the Paperwhite will also get the chance to live up to its name. Amazon is taking pre-orders for a white version that will be released on June 30, 2016. (You don’t see the “white” in the title of the listing, but if you click on the “Customize & Add to Cart” button, one of the choices is for color. Update: Amazon has since added a separate listing for the white Paperwhite.) As Nate Hoffelder of The Digital Reader notes below, it already launched in China and Japan in April, but this will mark the first time it’s been available in white in the USA.

This is great news for people who’ve been missing the bright white color that the Kindle originally came in, but still like their screens to have a sidelight and higher resolution (300 dpi rather than 167). In all other respects, the white Paperwhite is apparently the same as the black model currently on sale, so if you’ve already got the latest model there’s not a whole lot of reason to spring for a new one unless you really really prefer white to black.