Want to get a real charge from some fried chicken? You could, if you got your hands on the gimmicky meal box KFC India is giving away as part of a contest in Mumbai and Delhi. Boy Genius Report India has a hands-on examination of the box. It has a (supposedly) 6,100 mAh removable powerbank integrated into it and comes with micro-USB and lightning cables to allow you to charge your phone while you eat.

At least, in theory—if it’s just being given away as part of a contest, it’s not exactly something you’re going to be able to use over and over again, unless KFC lets you bring your meal box back to the restaurant for them to put their food in each time you order. (Maybe they do this in India? I don’t know. The box certainly does look sturdier than something meant for a single use and tossing in the trash.)

But for all that the bank is supposed to be 6,100 mAh, when BGR tried to charge a phone with a 4,050 mAh capacity battery from it, a half-hour of charge time exhausted the powerbank and only gave the phone 17% of charge. Another try after recharging the powerbank resulted in only 7% of charge. Clearly, an Anker this is not. Still, it would be amusing to see a restaurant in the US try something like this—especially given the paucity of power outlets in most of them for charging mobile devices while you eat.

It’s interesting to consider all the ways fast food places are trying to take advantage of the new mobile culture. This isn’t the first time KFC has tried integrating tech with fast food—last year its German branch tried building a flexible Bluetooth keyboard into tray mats, and the year before that, its Japanese branch created some crazy fried-chicken-shaped computer accessories for a giveaway. Maybe some day, one of these crazy ideas will make it to America.