If you were wondering what to call Android N, you need wonder no longer. Google has announced the winning candidate in the pick-a-name competition for the next version of the Android operating system—and it isn’t “Namey McNameface.” Though from the way some corners of the Internet are reacting, it might as well have been.

The new name for Android N, which will be version number 7.0, turned out to be “Nougat,” And immediately, many people were unhappy about it. For example, CNet proposed eight other “N” names that it felt were better. On the other hand, Wired came up with a number of other names that it feels would have been much worse. (One of Wired’s choices, “Nanaimo,” was my own preference. No accounting for taste, huh?)

But for all of that, Android Nougat by any other name would definitely taste as sweet. It’s been working just fine on my Nexus 6 phone, and I’m looking forward to seeing what further changes are in the offing.