Dude, if you got a Dell Android tablet, it was probably a bad idea. Dell is kicking everybody out of the Venue. That is to say, it’s discontinuing its Venue brand of Android tablets—while warranties for existing devices will be honored, no further devices will be made, and no further operating system updates will be offered to those who were foolish enough to think that buying a major brand name of Android tablet that wasn’t “Google” was a good idea.

Dell’s spokespeople explain that the Android slate tablet market is simply too saturated now, and it’s hard to find an audience when you’re only one of a crowd. Instead, Dell plans to focus on making 2-in-1 Windows tablets—laptop-like devices with detachable keyboards, akin to the Microsoft Surface or the Asus Transformer—which should have more appeal to people who need that kind of Windows device mobility in business.

It’s a pity, because Dell’s Android line did feature a few intriguing devices, like the super-thin Venue 8 7000 series, or the Wyse Cloud Connect Android HDMI dongle. But that’s just the way of things: companies are fast to shut down projects that don’t set the world on fire. Fortunately, there are still plenty of other Android devices around.