The New York Post reports on an anonymous rumor that Amazon is going to open one of its Amazon Books branches in Manhattan in 2018 or 2019. The store would be located in the Hudson Yards commercial property. (Actually, the Post refers to “the Hudson Yards stores,” plural, but doesn’t mention the possibility of more than one store anywhere else in the article.)

As journalistic credibility goes, the New York Post isn’t exactly in the same neighborhood as the New York Times, so any news it reports should probably be taken with a significant portion of a salt shaker—especially anonymous rumors without even job postings to support them. Nonetheless, with New York City being the headquarters and stronghold of big publishing, in addition to the most populous metro area in the US, it does make sense for Amazon to go there.

The Hudson Yards development is located right across the street from the Javits Convention Center—the very place BookExpo America has called home in previous years, and where it will again be held in 2017. If that’s not a shot across the bow for big publishing (not to mention big publishing’s friend, Barnes & Noble), I don’t know what is. As Nate Hoffelder notes on The Digital Reader, it’s exactly the sort of upscale retail space Amazon has sought out for its prior locations. But just because it’s likely doesn’t mean it’s true.

Meanwhile, I’m still hoping for any word Amazon might consider a location in Indianapolis. I’m sure it’ll happen sooner or later.