The heat of summer is a great time for the hottest savings. There are a couple of interesting sales going on, or about to go on soon.

Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale

For starters, Smashwords is holding a “Summer/Winter Sale” (because it’s summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern) for the entire month of July, offering discounts of 25%, 50%, 75%, or free on thousands of its ebook titles.

From the email announcing the sale, here are direct links to specific categories of ebooks on sale:

Participating titles:

By discount levels:

By specific popular categories:

The email notes that new titles will be added every day. Sounds like a pretty good deal if you can find any Smashwords titles you’re interested in reading.

Amazon Prime Day

Meanwhile, another sale is coming up for Amazon Prime customers, a week from today. Beginning at 12 a.m. Pacific Time (3 a.m. Eastern) on July 12, Amazon will hold its annual “Prime Day” one-day super-sale. The deals are open to Prime members only, but you’ll be eligible as long as you’ve signed up for Prime by then. (Remember, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial if you haven’t been a member yet.) The Wirecutter notes that, during last year’s sale, it evaluated over 3,200 Prime Day deals to find 35 worth posting. It promises to do the same thing again this year.

If you’re in the market for a Kindle, Fire, Echo, Fire TV, or other Amazon product, I imagine it would be a good idea to wait one more week and see if any of the Prime Day deals are worth getting excited about. Surely they’ll be putting some of their flagship products on sale on that day, if any.

Some deals have already been announced—for example, Kindle Unlimited will be 40% off that day—and it’s possible to track other deals via Amazon’s Prime app.

Amazon’s Prime Day sale last year also provoked competitors such as Wal-Mart and Target to launch their own online super sales. So even if you’re not a Prime member, it might still be worth keeping an eye on deal sites that day to see what’s on offer in other places.