CNet has an interview with Amazon Prime vice president Greg Greeley going over what customers can expect for this year’s Prime Day sale, scheduled for tomorrow, July 12. It’s interesting, but also remarkably vague.

Our objective is for people to find a fantastic deal on something they want and something they need, and everything in-between. It literally is tens of thousands of deals. Our objective is to make these all the lowest prices we’ve had this year or the lowest prices we’ve ever had.

A deal may look weird to one person but be absolutely wonderful to someone else. We try to embrace that at Amazon with our massive collection. I think that’s some of the fun of this event.

So, in other words, good stuff! Good stuff for everybody! See what I mean about the vagueness?

Beyond that, Greeley mentions that, for all that people made fun of last year’s deals on social media, the deals they made fun of frequently sold out. He does admit that it was a little hard to find some of the deals last year, but they’ve worked on fixing that this year.

Beyond that, he mentions that they’re always looking into ways to improve Amazon Prime, and that the free shipping they give away costs a lot more than $99 per year—but it’s important to make it something customers simply don’t have to worry about. Greeley suggests they might add an option to combine orders to save on shipping, and they already do have an option to ship slowly.

In any event, Amazon’s planning to offer “more deals than Black Friday” tomorrow, to Prime members only, so better get your credit cards ready. I have little doubt some of those deals will be excellent prices on Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets, and probably various other e-reading-capable devices Amazon sells as well. If you’re not a Prime member yet, you can easily sign up with a 30-day free trial in advance and cancel it later. And don’t forget to check other online retailers, because they ran counter-sales of their own last year.