If you’re looking for a decent source for free and inexpensive Kindle, Nook, and iBooks ebooks, it looks like Freebooksy could be it.

We got an email from a representative of Freebooksy calling our attention to the site, and pointing out that a site Paul Biba wrote about in 2011, Pixel of Ink, has cut back on its operations and no longer picks free e-books on a daily basis. Freebooksy seems to have a pretty decent selection of free and inexpensive titles from all genres. It also has a sibling site, Bargain Booksy, which lists inexpensive rather than free titles. The sites support themselves by using an affiliate referral tag in links to books that cost money, and by selling authors promotional listings for free and discounted ebooks. (There’s also a free editorial submissions page, though they can’t guarantee placement of books that don’t buy a slot.)

Free/Bargain Booksy also has a highly-configurable mailing list signup, in which you can choose which devices and genres you’re interested in, and whether you want to hear about discounted or only free ebooks. There’s also a Freebooksy Facebook page which boasts over 265,000 followers.

One mildly annoying thing is that the site asks for permission to send you push notifications, which means if you don’t pay close attention to the pop-up box and click “allow” you’ll be allowing the site to send you pop-up notifications, which I’ve found from experience can be annoying if you enable them by accident.

Your web browser can manage those for you if you decide to allow them when you wanted to block them, or if you change your mind after blocking and decide you want to allow them after all. In Chrome, it’s buried under Settings –> Advanced Settings –> Privacy –> Content settings –> Notifications, which I never would have found if I hadn’t looked it up.

In any event, Freebooksy lists a lot of books, with links to stores where you can buy them. It could be a good way to find more reading material—bearing in mind that the pay-for-placement nature means the best spots will go to those books whose authors felt like shelling out for placement on it.