Some of you may remember several reviews on Teleread of gadgets and devices by iClever, most of them designed to support mobile technology. Now iClever appears to have launched a Kickstarter campaign for an innovation that could help out your tablet e-reading experience. STINO, the project’s name, claims to be “the world’s first nano-tech IPad mount  which contains no glue to adhere your tablet to any non-porous surfaces without leaving a mark. All you need is the flat surface and less than 5 seconds.”

I confirmed with iClever that, although it’s being linked to iPads, STINO should work with any type of tablet or mobile device. That said, the mounts are more than simple gecko pads, and are specifically sized for iPads – looking very decorative too. The technology has its own page, here. Naturally, I’m not saying everyone would find this solution gives them a useful e-reading solution, but it likely should be able to do something that few to no other platforms can – if that something is what you need.

At the time of writing, the Kickstarter campaign stands at $845 pledged against a $30,000 goal, with 32 days to go, so there’s still plenty of time and plenty far to go for it. The usual series of Early Bird offers to backers includes mounts for all different sizes of iPads. So, if you want, why not stick around?