As astute readers will probably have noticed, I recently picked up a Lenovo 100S Chromebook and have been enjoying the crap out of it. With one notable exception, that is. I mean my Amazon Kindle library and all the titles I have stashed there – online or as MOBI file and other sideloads. And there’s the problem.

E-reading on the device is actually a pleasure – in Readium. That app handles EPUB files perfectly, and I see no reason why other EPUB e-reading apps shouldn’t do the same. The Kindle Cloud Reader, though, is a different story.

Yes, it does sync my Kindle library to my Chromebook just fine. Yes, it does provide a more than reasonable reading experience once e-books are open, even rendering line breaks in poetry, etc., perfectly. Yes, it does allow you to download the titles you’re currently reading for offline perusal if you so choose.

What it doesn’t do, though, is allow you any kind of access to any Kindle or ostensibly Kindle-compatible titles you’ve sideloaded or swapped to your Chromebook, or have stashed on your removable storage. When you have as extensive and as diverse a library as mine, that’s a real problem. For one thing, I’m getting review copies of new works as Kindle-compatible downloads all the time, and I can read them just fine on my Android mobile devices – but not on the Chromebook which is now my main working platform.

Alas, I doubt Amazon is going to do anything to solve this problem. With Android apps soon to go fully Chromebook-compatible, there’s little incentive for them to do so. Meanwhile, though, Kindle Cloud Reader remains crocked for Chrome OS, and I blame Amazon, not Google, for that.

Now if anyone can point me at an offline MOBI e-reading app for Chrome …

UPDATE: As Vicki below observes, it is possible to email copies of your MOBI files to your Kindle account to add them to your Library. To me, though, that doesn’t get past the basic issue with the Kindle Cloud Reader. I’ve got dozens of such files scattered around my various archives, and I’d find emailing them far more laborious than simply opening the file.