Universal travel adapters are a staple of the average globetrotting geek’s luggage loadout nowadays, yours truly included, and far more useful when they also include USB charging sockets. The ELECLOVER Universal All in One Worldwide Travel Power Plug Wall AC Adapter Charger fits the bill for all these requirements, with very much the typical form factor you’d expect to see nowadays. Its plugs will fit U.S., UK, European (though apparently not Italy, or Switzerland), and Australian sockets, covering over 150 countries, according to the manufacturer. It has a safety button to keep the plugs stowed when not in use. Its two USB sockets will charge two units simultaneously, at 5V and with up to 2.1A amperage, which should make it usable with fussier devices like the old Nexus 7 tablets. It’s not the most elegant design of its type, but it’s fully functional and weighs in at the same weight or lighter than many competing units. At only $11.95 in the U.S., you’re hardly likely to find cheaper versions of this tech that can actually be trusted, and this is definitely one item for my luggage during my upcoming trip to the States. So power up for you travels.