Are you buying an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus?

Happy ereading or audiobooking! Just the same, at $649 and up even for the version with a skimpy  32G of flash memory, the 7 series is too pricey for me.

Beyond that, Apple has killed off the analogue audio jack, in favor of use of the Lightning port for audio.

Ouch! What if you want to listen to audiobooks and charge your iPhone 7 at the same time?

The 7 comes with a free Apple adapter that plugs into your Lightning port and works with regular audio phones. But still no good, if you want to charge simultaneously through the port.

You could consider $159 wireless Apple AirPods (easily misplaced ear buds), Bluetooth phones, or a Bluetooth adapter for the Lightning port to use with regular phones—except that all of them need recharging.

Or you could use a Bluetooth speaker that plugs into the wall.

But here’s another solution: a $40 adapter from Belkin (Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar).

The Belkin adapter will plug into the Lightning port and let you  charge the iPhone and simultaneously listen to Lightning phones or, via the free Apple adapter, a pair of analogue phones.

Still, Apple’s omission of the analogue jack is a form of user abuse. It reminds me of Amazon’s outrageous refusal to include all-text bold and a wide range of other typographical options in Kindles, or to allow third-party fonts, the way Kobo ereaders do.

I know. Apple wants the iPhone to be waterproof and thin. But for most users, an analogue phone jack would count a lot more. While I’m glad the Belkin adapter is around, I’m grumpy that people must rely on it in the first place.

A lot of others feel the same way. The ideal scenario would be for Apple to repent and bring back the analogue jack in a “new improved” model.

Meanwhile here’s a reminder of the obvious. You can buy a used or reconditioned model rather than rewarding Apple for its arrogance in this case.

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