Got a big ebook library, especially with plenty of image-rich PDFs? How about audios or videos? Are you running out of disk space on your cell phone or tablet? Tempted to use that as one more excuse to buy a replacement, especially via a holiday sale? Well, before you pull the trigger, you might consider a junk cleaner app.

On my Android phones and tablets I am now experimenting with Super Cleaner, which, among other things, can clear out junk files and help make more efficient use of RAM. My 32GB Nexus 6 gained several badly needed gigs.  Also, it runs faster.

Several cons exist. For example, before Super Cleaner cleans, you need to look over the target list very closely to make certain it won’t wipe out needed apps or data. What’s more, Super Cleaner says its TOS is subject only to the laws of the People’s Republic of China. Who knows what might be going on in the privacy area? The developer says we’re safe, that the app doesn’t keep tabs on individual users and merely collects aggregate information. Still, I doubt that the Pentagon would love the U.S. military to use this app on phones hosting confidential information.

What’s more, some say that RAM boosting tricks aren’t needed in the most recent versions of Android. Regardless, you could still benefit from the file clean function and other features of Super Cleaner.

I also like the fact that Super Cleaner does not throw obnoxious ad after obnoxious ad at me the way the rival Clean Master did.

Cleaner apps aren’t the only way to get rid of one form of junk, unneeded cache garbage. For that, you can go to Storage within your Android setup options and look for the appropriate item.

For a list of some popular cleaners, check out some information from the Wondershare’s TunesGo store, keeping in mind that this is not a disinterested source. The first rec, Wondershare MobileGo, apparently an inhouse product, comes in Windows and  Android versions. I didn’t mess with it since the reviewer depicts it as a memory hog.

Needless to say, an important question arises here. Why can’t Google give us some built-in utilities to do everything that Super Cleaner and competitors can, without the need for third-party apps?

A little off topic but still of interest to tech-lovers in the U.S. and elsewhere…

Looking further ahead, I wonder what Crazy Donald’s Chinese policies could mean in the long term for the Google Play store, which relies so heavily on Chinese apps like Super Cleaner. Yes, the apps come with risks. But I really, really like all the choices available—the very stuff that tariffs and trade restrictions could interfere with or even end.

Crazy was unimaginable. He happened anyway. How about other supposed unimaginables? Someday will Americans, at least, see Play without Chinese apps or with steep price increases on them?

I hate all the job losses due to globalization—the American elite has callously shafted unions  and negotiated treaties without adequate protections for workers. At the same time, let’s face it: globalization is tech’s best friend. We just need to regulate trade a lot better while preserving opportunities for entrepreneurs everywhere. Super Clean is a great example of what just might vanish someday if Trumpery prevails.

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