Scribd has just announced it’s adding several more popular magazines to its $8.99 per month subscription service, including The Atlantic, Fast Company, Inc., Mother Jones, Nautilus, Newsweek, and Popular Science. Scribd added its first set of popular magazines including Time, Fortune, Money, and People in November. This new addition suggests that the first set of magazines has been well-received.

If so, it’s not surprising. Magazines seem like a natural fit for a subscription service of this nature. Periodicals will add new content periodically, and their publishers are used to receiving revenue on a subscription basis—unlike book publishers, who are having an awkward time coming up with a workable subscription revenue model. Of course, this is far from the first digital magazine subscription service, but pairing them with books could serve to entice people who weren’t interested enough to sign up for just one medium but could be drawn in by paying one price for two at once.

Scribd has shown little hesitation about paring away aspects of its service that don’t work. It chopped the number of romance titles it offered, did away with most of the “unlimited” selection of its library, and most recently dropped comics altogether. If it’s willing to add more magazines, it seems likely this will not be the last such addition.