The World Science Fiction Convention organizing team has just released the Hugo Awards voter packet for the 75th World Science Fiction Convention, Worldcon 75, which this year will take place on August 9-13, at the Messukeskus convention center in Helsinki, Finland. The voting arrangements for the 2017 Hugos, “the leading awards for achievement in science fiction and fantasy,” are as always, key to the outcome, as “winners are selected by the Worldcon membership.”

According to Nicholas Whyte, Hugo administrator for Worldcon 75, “This year’s voter packet is the most extensive and complete collection since the packet’s inception in its present form 10 years ago. We are deeply appreciative of the publishers, authors, artists, editors, and other creators who have generously provided their works to this year’s Hugo Voter Packet, and ask that voters who feel the same way consider posting on social media to thank the publishers, editors, and creators who have participated in the packet.”

The packet itself “consists of a number of downloads. In most ballot categories there are separate downloads for each of the three most common ebook formats (EPUB, MOBI, and PDF). In the few cases where a publisher has provided only a PDF version of a work, the PDF has been included in each of the different format packets so that members will not have to do extra downloading. The exceptions to this are the Dramatic Presentation, Artist, Graphic Story, Fancast, and Editor Long Form categories, where there is only a PDF download.” The packet is available to Supporting, Attending, Youth and First Worldcon members of Worldcon 75, until the voting deadline of July 15, 2017.

The slate of finalists for the 2017 Hugo Awards has already been announced, and is available here. And for anyone who still follows the Sad/Rabid Puppies controversy over Hugos voting, further details for 2017 are available here.