Well, it’s once again time for another adventure in self-publishing. Sales of my Indianapolis tourism ebook The Geek’s Guide to Indianapolis have been pretty flat, so I’ve decided to dip my toe into self-promotion with a special offer. Saturday and Sunday the 10th and 11th, the ebook will be free to all takers. I’ve posted links to it to any forum or group I think might be interested, and now I wait with fingers crossed.

If you want the book, just visit the Amazon store page for it on one of those days, “buy” it for free, and it’ll be yours for the keeping. You’ll also get the benefit of any further updates to the content that I do from here on out. I would appreciate if you write a nice positive review if you like it, but I certainly don’t have the power to insist on that. But if you know of any friends you think might enjoy it as well, passing the link on to them is as easy as telling them to visit http://bit.ly/geekindy. Remember, it’s DRM-free, so even if you don’t invest in the Kindle ecosystem, you can convert it to any other format with a program like Calibre.

The question is, will this promotion do any good? I’ve heard stories of people who gave their ebooks away for free to large numbers of people only to find nearly no one bothered to follow up with a review. Furthermore, it’s possible some people might see my promotional posts as “spam” and post negative reviews in response. (Or there might be trolls who post negative reviews just because they feel like it.) On the other hand, I’ve only got the one review now, so any reviews would be helpful. Even if I get some negative ones, at least having more reviews will make the book look more real to would-be consumers. (It remains to be seen, though, how many of the reviews Amazon might find some excuse to disallow.)

In any event, I will look forward to seeing what effect this promotion has on subsequent sales and Kindle Unlimited page views. I will try to report back on the effect, if any, in a week or so.

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