Remember that controversial California autographed-memorabilia law that was set to require certificates of authenticity for any autographed goods—including autographed books? Although some contended that the law as written would actually not have affected most bookstores, it nonetheless sparked a First Amendment lawsuit by a California bookstore and an activist law firm.

Now bookstores no longer need to worry. Publishers Weekly reports that California governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill to declare books exempt from that legislation. As a result, Book Passage owner Bill Petrocelli and the Pacific Legal Foundation have dropped their lawsuit.

It’s not clear that the lawsuit necessarily helped passage of the bill—a comment on the PW article asserts that the bill had been drafted months before the lawsuit was filed, and that Petrocelli actually campaigned against the bill because he felt it didn’t benefit him enough. In any case, California bookstores that deal in autographed books can now breathe a sigh of relief and go back to business as usual.