Amazon’s currently running a Warehouse Deal on some used Kindle Paperwhite e-ink readers with “minor cosmetic imperfections” as a result of use. Depending on the level of the imperfection, they will run you either $70 or $75, plus sales tax if applicable in your location.

That’s about as good a deal as you’ll come across on the self-lit Paperwhite (and $10 less than the brand-new unlit basic Kindle model costs). If you’d rather shell out a little more for a blemish-free certified refurb, that will come to $100; the pristine brand new version costs $120. These are the versions with Special Offers included on the lockscreen; getting rid of those will cost you a little extra—but unlike with the color Fire tablets, I’ve never found Kindle Special Offers annoying or distracting.

My main e-reading device right now is the second version of the Paperwhite. It’s several years old, but I don’t have any complaints—and after using the Paperwhite, I couldn’t see going back to an unlit e-ink screen. As with my older model, this sale Paperwhite also takes advantage of the just-released new firmware that offers five adjustable levels of bold weighting on text if you’re reading a book you bought from Amazon, as well as the Ember Bold font you can use on sideloaded titles.

If you enjoy basic e-ink reading and are ready to move up to the Paperwhite, this could be just the deal for you. If you’re curious about e-ink but don’t see yourself dropping $250 on an Oasis or $200 on a Voyage, this would be a great introduction.

But if even $70 is too much to spend, Amazon also has a Warehouse Deal on blemished basic Kindles starting at $51. Either way, you’ve got a great e-ink experience ahead of you.