Amazon Prime Day is in full swing, and as you might expect, there are a number of good e-reading-related deals involved. Given that there’s almost 30 hours still left in the sale, I’m going to list some of them and hope that folks see some merit in clicking through.


Prime Day got off to a somewhat rocky start as Amazon’s servers hit their load limit and crashed early on. Not a good look for a company whose biggest line of business is server hosting, but the Slashdot Effect will have its way. Even as late as 7 this evening, I was still getting error pages about half the time I clicked through a link, but they seem to have gotten things sorted out at least somewhat. Anyway, it’s hard to be too annoyed when the error pages are just so darned cute.

Left to Their Own Devices

The Prime Day section of most potential interest to TeleRead tele-readers will probably be the listing of Amazon’s own devices. There are currently 28 deals there of various kinds. Audiobook and music listeners might enjoy getting an Echo Dot for $30, an Echo (2nd gen) for $70, or an Echo Plus for $100.

But the big attractions will be the various Kindle and Fire bargains, such as

I’m sorely tempted by that HD 10, even though with the HD 8 I don’t really need it. $50 off deals don’t come along so often. If you don’t have a Fire of any kind yet, the HD 8 is a really great device for that price—especially since you can install the Play Store and a new launcher to make it work even more like a plain-vanilla Android tablet.

There are some kids’ and bundle deals, too:

Clearly, 16 GB is the sweet spot for those Fire bundles, since the 16 GB HD 8 costs exactly the same as the 16 GB Fire 7. (Pssst, get the HD 8, it’s better.) If you’re looking for Christmas presents for three people, and those are in your budget, these might be some good deals to buy and sit on for a few months. There are Kids Edition variety packs, too.

Needless to say, all these devices have Amazon’s Special Offers, which you might pay a varying amount to remove (or possibly sweet-talk an Amazon support rep into doing it for free). So factor that into your consideration. But even with that extra added cost, these devices are still well worth snagging at these prices.

Phone It In

Of course, e-readers and tablets aren’t the only way to read. In fact, given the sheer number of devices of different sorts that people use, they may not even be the most common way to read. But Amazon’s got you covered there, too, with a number of deals on smartphones and accessories. (Though, for whatever reason, selecting the “smartphones and accessories” category only shows you accessories. You actually have to search on the keyword “smartphone” to find more of them.)

Particularly worthy of mention is Amazon’s model of the Motorola Moto X4, a handy mid-range unlocked Android smartphone that is (at least theoretically) compatible with Google’s Project Fi as well as a number of other carriers. Amazon’s got it listed at $199.99 for Prime Day, which is $200 off Amazon’s theoretical “list price” and $150 off the price Amazon usually charges. (And again I add the caveat that this phone also includes Amazon’s “Special Offers” functionality.) While I use a different variant of the X4, with different bundled software and functionality, I’m nonetheless very pleased with it, and it makes a great pocket-sized reading device—especially at that price.

There Are Ebook Offers, Too

But what are e-readers without something to e-read? Amazon has you covered with offers on Kindle ebooks, too. If you buy a book from Amazon’s Kindle best-seller list, you’ll get 75% off your next ebook purchase, or 30% off for just buying any other Kindle book. (Such as, for example, mine!) As noted in my previous post, Kindle Unlimited is 99 cents for the first three months.

Also, you know Kindle First Reads, where you get to pick one book out of a selection for free every month? Amazon’s allowing Prime members to download all six books from its current selection, not just your monthly one, only on Prime Day. So, go click, get yourself six free ebooks you may never bother reading…

There’s also a decent selection of Amazon’s ever-rotating markdowns on selected Kindle ebooks. Stephen R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is $1.99, and Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones is just 99 cents, for example.

And Other Stuff

Seriously, there are so many things on sale for Prime Day that you can find just about anything you’re interested in. Earphones, chromebooks, televisions, battery packs, accessories—all you have to do is go to the Prime Day launch page and search on it. (Oddly enough, I couldn’t find any USB-to-micro-USB cables, though there was a USB-to-USB-C one.)

Still, remember to shop wisely—don’t buy anything just because it’s on sale, and if you’re planning on going on a buying spree use the “add to cart” function so you can keep track of how much you’re spending before you spend it.

And please, please use one of these referral links if you’re going to go and buy. It won’t cost you anything, but will help pay me back a little for writing all this stuff.

Find any good Prime Day deals of your own? Leave them in the comments, please!

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