As of right now, my self-published ebook The Geek’s Guide to Indianapolis is available from the Kindle store for free. It will continue to be free through the entire Gen Con event, until Monday, August 6th at 3 a.m. Eastern. I want to be able to recommend it to people I meet at the convention without them worrying about having to pay for it, because the main reason I wrote it was to help people out—anything I make from it is just a nice bonus.

Although it’s only on the Kindle store, the ebook is DRM-free, so you can download it and convert it to EPUB, PDF, or whatever without any problems. Since my last major update, I’ve removed listings for a few places that closed, changed some places’ names that got new owners and new names, added a few new places, and added a few more tips. I hope you’ll enjoy it. If you do, I hope you’ll leave an honest review on the Amazon book page; the more reviews I get, the more promotional stuff Amazon will do for me.

Please do look closely at the screen when you go to download the free ebook, because Amazon tries to trick you into signing up for Kindle Unlimited even though the ebook is free to add to your owned-books library. You don’t want the big “Read for Free” button; you want the “Buy now with 1-click” button. If you get a screen that prompts you to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, you clicked the wrong button. (Yes, Amazon will try to trick you into paying money to “Read for Free,” but will give you the book for free if you click “Buy now”. Who ever said their business practices had to make any sense?)

The current version of the book should have an update date on the first page of 7/29/2018. If you’ve already bought or downloaded the book in the past and it still has a different date on your copy, you can try deleting and pushing it to your device again from your Amazon media management page. But I suspect you’ll need to contact Amazon support and ask them to update your account’s copy of the book to the latest version. (They don’t do that automatically because it will wipe out any notes or highlighting taken on the previous edition.)

So, please read and enjoy! Feedback (and reviews) are always welcome.

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