Good news! Amazon’s running a one-day sale on the Fire HD 8 tablet, knocking $30 off the price of all models. This brings the 16 GB starter model down to just $50—basically its best-ever price. While I’m in love with my new HD 10 tablet, I still think the HD 8 is the best mid-sized tablet you’re going to find below $100—and you’re probably not going to find a better deal on it than this. At that price, it becomes a lot more tempting to buy an extra tablet for the bedroom or kitchen.

The HD 8 makes a great e-reader, plus you can easily install the Google Play utilities so it can run nearly any app you could use on plain-vanilla Android tablets, and a new launcher so it will look like such a tablet as well. Removing the lockscreen ads does cost a little extra, though chances are good an Amazon customer service rep will do it for free if you just ask.

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