For a couple more days, Tor’s monthly ebook club will be giving away free copies of Cory Doctorow’s ebook Walkaway. Walkaway tells the story of a youth culture which has broken away from the constraints of traditional society to build their own post-scarcity society in wilderness areas, making use of advanced fabrication technology descended from today’s 3-D printers. When a team of scientists researching brain uploading defects to this culture, it triggers a full-on war of cultural survival—and survival after death.

When I reviewed Walkaway a couple of years ago, one thing I noted was that Doctorow was not giving this ebook away free, as he had his earlier ones, probably because publishers wanted to make money from selling ebooks now. But for just a couple more days, if you like, you can get this one for free after all—and since it’s from Tor, it won’t use DRM, so you can convert it to any format and read it on any device you like.

As I noted in the review, this is a great read, even if the story tends to take a back seat to the philosophy. And as prices go, you just can’t beat free.

The download will be available through 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time, Friday April 19.