In case it wasn’t already clear, TeleRead is now live from Dublin 2019 – an Irish Worldcon. The 77th World Science Fiction Convention has already been running for two very busy days, and will run all the way through a very packed schedule for three more days until its conclusion late Monday afternoon.

So far, the convention has been absolutely packed, with every slot filled by contending panels, kaffeeklatsches, autograph and signing sessions, conversations, concerts, etc, etc. I understand that the Convention Centre Dublin is pretty much running to capacity for the entire event – it certainly feels so – and I haven’t even had a chance to go over to the other venue at Point Square yet. Worldcon wouldn’t be Worldcon without crowds of eager fans queuing outside panels to await their favourite author. The CCD also really benefits from having its own bar – Martins – right in the thick of things, which becomes the natural hub of the con.

I’ll be reporting at length on individual panels, as well as aspects and progress of the entire convention, right through to the Hugo Awards ceremony on Sunday night. Meantime, fáilte!