If you’re looking for a decent tablet, Amazon is currently running a sale on 32 GB refurbished 7th-generation Fire HD 10 tablets. Normally priced at $120, it’s currently marked down to $70, and bundled with a Show Mode charging dock. It’s available in black, blue, or red colors. This is the version that includes the “Special Offers” lockscreen ads, but you can remove those for an additional $15 fee (or possibly for free, just by asking Amazon support nicely to do it for you).

7th-gen is the model I have—one generation older than the HD 10 that’s currently on sale new, but still a pretty decent device. I have one set up in a tablet stand on my work desk for use with my Epomaker Bluetooth mechanical keyboard. Remember, you can easily install the Google Play app store and Google applications to this tablet, and even change the launcher away from Amazon’s default to something more vanilla-Android-like. When you do that, it becomes the next-best thing to a “real” Android tablet.

$70 for a 10″ 1080p Android-like tablet is practically a steal, especially since it’s coming from Amazon so will have the benefit of Amazon’s excellent warranty and return policy. And the dock it comes with costs $38.49 new, so if you take that into account, the tablet is even less expensive than it looks!

(Interestingly enough, when the deal is purchased through an Amazon Affiliate link, they’re listed in the Affiliate dashboard as separate items—the Fire tablet charged at $45.16 and the charger dock at $24.83.)

At that price, it might be worth picking one up just as a spare, or as a “beater” device that you can take places where you wouldn’t want to risk a more expensive tablet. I don’t know how long this sale will run, so if you’re interested, you might want to click through and check to make sure it’s still there.

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