Here’s a bargain-basement, and possibly limited-time, offer from Amazon UK that British readers should strongly consider acting on: They’ve discounted the Lenovo N22 11.6-inch HD Chromebook to just £99.99 ($130) with free UK delivery, from an original price of £159.99 ($208). This offer has been running for a while now, so there’s no guarantee how long it will continue, but at a price like this, why not snap it up?

The Lenovo N22 is not quite the same model as the Lenovo 100S Chromebook I picked up a while ago, but the design is close enough for me to expect the same kind of advantages I’ve been seeing on my machine. One is amazing battery life: The Amazon deets quote 14 hours for the N22, and I’ve certainly seen terrific performance from my device – four hour coach trips that barely put a dent in its charge. Then there’s the almost-instant-on and highly robust Chrome OS, which has given me far less trouble than Windows 10 in operation. Maybe it isn’t as versatile and well-stocked with apps as Windows, but then the arrival of the Google Play Store on pretty much all of Lenovo’s Chromebooks should take care of that.

On that note, I do have some quibbles about Chromebooks as pure e-reading platforms, especially for Kindle Store titles and .MOBI files. But those are just that – quibbles. And as said, Android apps on Chromebooks may take care of that. So if a Chromebook could meet your needs, or if you just want to try the technology, there couldn’t be a better time, or a much better price.